Natural Pet Food & Supplies

logoYour Healthy Pet is a family owned business located in Newtown. We believe in the adoption of pets and will never sell an animal. Each month we will host an adoption with a local animal rescue group to help provide homes for animals in need. Our main focus is to provide your pet with a healthy and nutritious diet based on their individual needs. We carry high quality food and supplies, nothing we wouldn't give to our own pets. Aside from dog and cat food, we also carry an extensive line of toys and treats, some of which are certified organic. We offer natural alternatives to harmful chemicals for flea and tick control, and carry a wide array of other products such as leashes and collars, machine-washable pet beds, car seats, supplements and grooming products. Your Healthy Pet also provides food and supplies for some of your smaller pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters, and gerbils as well as wild bird food.

We have high standards with all of our products in the store, especially for pet food to ensure your pet gets the best nutrition. Ingredients we avoid in all of our pet foods are:

Corn, wheat, glutens, unidentified animal fat, meat by-products poultry by-products, animal digest, artificial preservatives (BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin), added sweeteners (sugar), artificial colors and flavors.

There are many problems with these ingredients: some are carcinogens, some are difficult to digest, and some are the lowest grade of meats available (grade 4D). For more information and to learn about these ingredients in more detail, you can start with websites listed in our Pet Info section or click here.